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Evan C. Bogart

                                                                               Hi There! 


   I was born in Bellingham Washington in 1992, and boy does our town have access to the mother nature. I had parents that loved to go camping which helped me grow a deep love for the outdoors at young age. Snowboarding Baker in the winters, biking Galbraith mountain in the summers, hiking and camping with friends and family any chance I could.


Now as an adult, I like to call myself a devoted explorer and hobbyist, maybe even a dibble-dabbler if you will. I try my best to specialize in landscape, long exposure, nature, and product photography. Trying to utilize the range of color, texture, and light found in the natural world to bring life to my photos. 10 years ago I picked up the camera, and since then have sought techniques to capture the nuances of the Bellingham area and beyond. With the intention of composing evocative images that invite the viewer to transport themselves into each captured moment.


In recent years I have found a love for digital art and videography. Working in adobe illustrator, photoshop, premier pro, as well as other programs such as procreate to create colorful, fun, digital media images that invite imagination and whimsical feelings to transpire. Thats the idea at least, so no promises. :)

You can purchase prints and custom made projects through my shop here on Ebogarts.com, contacting me at ebogphoto@gmail.com, or sending me a message through Instagram or Facebook. 


Thank you!